Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost Finishes

Lately it seems the quilting inspiration has left me as I have absolutely no desire to look at, let alone touch, my sewing machine.  Weird, huh?  Even my husband has commented on my lack of creative progress.
Giving up sewing for Plants vs. Zombies?  he asked the other night.  No, Smarty-pants but I have  acquired quite the collection of zombie-killing plants!  I'm creatively killing there!!

I did tie off threads on two quilts last night...both baby/kid sizes for gifts.  I know I should probably be in there cutting binding but....meh. 

What an awful feeling.  I hope it doesn't last very long.

Mom's busily sewing away on the bags she stuffs with goodies for the local crisis pregnancy center...only seven more to go!


Lining fabric

Co-Defendant #1 is away on his school camping trip and should be back this afternoon.  You'd think #2 would be over the moon to have us all to herself, but no, she misses her Bubbie terribly and can't wait for him to be home.

I give 'em 10 minutes before the bickering starts.  Call me optimistic.

I'm gonna sit here a bit longer and contemplate cutting binding....and then go kill some zombies.

Linking up to that nice lady, Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

Happy quilting (zombie hunting) y'all!



  1. Oh what a relief to know I am not the only one who isn't feeling the quilting vibes lately. I don't know if it is because I did too many last minute rushed projects or that I know I have way too much to do outside and with everyday life stuff in general--but I'm just not excited about working on anything!

    My Mom and I went to a quilt shop the other day and I walked out of there with a package of grommets because I used all of mine up putting them in indoor/outdoor carpet to be able to stake it down when we went camping----NOTHING sewing related!!

    I'm hoping by the time the DOG DAYS OF SUMMER roll around, I'll be happy to be playing inside in teh A/C and being creative! I hope the same goes for you!!! :)

  2. I've gone through those phases before, too. Some days (weeks) you feel it, some days (weeks) you don't. I love both the quilts you showed, and what a nice thing for your mom to make those bags for the pregnancy crisis center. Enjoy your "time off" from sewing... I'm sure you'll be back in full swing soon!

  3. I can really relate to what you are saying. It almost sends me into a state of panic! Then I need to remember that my urge to sew's just a matter of time! In the meantime.....enjoy the other things you like to do!

  4. Ten minutes? Wow! Yours are far better behaved than mine. Their greetings to one another started the bickering. Now it just starts the insults.

    I understand your "meh" feeling. I HAVE to finish this quilt this weekend and two aprons by Monday evening. The weather is nice. The flower beds need weeded and the house needs scrubbed....graduate may get cash!

    Hang in there. When it is too hot to move you can sew!

  5. Oh, I hate it when I lose my mojo! I've found, though, that the best way to get it back is not to do what you "should" be doing, but what you'd like to do if you could choose any project at all! Sometimes it just pays to take some "me time" even if it puts off something else - because those other things aren't getting done anyway! Love your pretty quilts - whoop whoop!!