Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just Out Of Curiosity...

Why, you may ask, is there a picture of my raggedy tennis shoes staring you in the face?  It's because my children have warped me beyond all hope of redemption and I want you to share in the joy.  Um, no
actually, that's not it (although some days I wonder).  It's 'cause I'm weird and curious, or maybe just curiously weird...because that's how the Good Lord made me and, if my Mom's to be believed, it takes all kinds.  Which brings me to my BIG BURNING QUESTION OF THE DAY:

How many of you cannot, under any circumstances, sew with your shoes on?  

I am proudly raising my hand, ya'll.  I have tried.  Repeatedly.  Nope, not gonna happen.  Something about decreased sensitivity to the pedal that's underfoot if I'm sporting a shoe.  Geez, does that ever make me sound like a man (cringe).  So, it's shoeless I shall go: in the summer's heat and winter's cold; in rain and sunshine; uphill both ways with a 50 pound knapsack on my back.  Oh, wait, that last part's another story.  Yes, I'm weird.  Deal with it.  


  1. I use my machine bare-footed, too. But my policy is that I generally hate wearing shoes around the house-- I always wear my slippers, and they're very easy to kick off under the quilting table (and then when I forget to put them back on, I know where to find them!) Your sense of humor cracks me up!

  2. Thanks, Elisa! I absolutely HATE foot-coverings of any variety..I've been known to walk barefoot across gravel and hot concrete. Hey, I didn't say I was bright and Dear Hubby constantly grouses about my tough-as-nails feet! My Aunt is the same way, sewing with shoes. Glad you're enjoying the blog..thanks for reading!

  3. I myself cannot sew with shoes or slippers on either. There is something about it that makes me feel like i have less control or less feel on the pedal. P.S. I too enjoy your sense of humor!

  4. Thanks for the comment and stopping by, Miss Samantha..come back anytime!!