Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's All Part Of The Plan

I never fully appreciated how sneaky clever women could truly be until I became a mother.  It's amazing what a little reverse psychology or well-placed visual cue can do toward getting Them (man and children) to do what you want.  Is that a bad thing?  Hmmm, I'd say, in the absence of feeling any twinge of guilt, no.  And I am rather good at it.

Paige already knows how to pin blocks together...

Crikey, Mother!  Put down the camera already!! I was somewhat hopeful she'd embrace the whole quilting thing and we could bond whilst fondling fabric.  Alas, this was not in her plan and that was that.  My mother once tried to teach me sewing when I was younger..I wonder if she's getting a chuckle at my expense now.

Anyway, Paige has been begging for a desk like her brother's, only her room is roughly the size of a shoebox and trolling local stores has yielded nada in the way of suitable prospects.  And then, it hit unfamiliar feeling I hadn't felt since I gave birth..(gasp) was an intelligent thought!  O.  M.  G.

The perfect-sized desk for Paige, complete with it's own little stool was just waiting for me in the dining room.  Needless to say, she was thrilled...her very own desk!  Hers, all hers!   Why, yes, you clever things, there is a sewing machine ensconced inside and now it's in her room and with luck, will whisper sweet nothings about bobbins and needles and fabric and how cool would it be to hang with Mom!


Apparently, the whole Sewing Machine Whisperer thing is starting to work because the other day she asked when she'd be old enough to go to retreat with me.  Mmmm, hmmm...told ya, it's all part of the plan.

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  1. What a wonderful idea. Another future quilter in the works.
    Fondly, Etty