Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Redneck Humor

Why can't I be one of those gals that makes a tidy bundle coming up with clever slogans that get slapped on a variety of items like lunchboxes, dishtowels and yard art!?  I tell you, if I'd thought of ______, I'd be retired by now.

But I'm not, so my purchase today is feathering someone else's nest.  So be it.  With two smart-assed lovely children in the house, I just had to buy this metal sign...

Yes, I could've appropriated the slogan as my own and NOT bought the sign, but I figure being able to point to said sign while uttering the slogan will save this redneck mama some jail time should I instead have opted to strangle one of the aforementioned offspring.  Besides, I don't look good in horizontal stripes or day-glo orange...and even I know you don't wear socks with flip-flops!

My son just rolled his eyes...and I pointed to the sign and in my most awesome Texas twang (it's a twang, not an accent..accents are for our northern brethren.  That's our lesson for the day) delivered those sure to be infamous words. 

Golly, was that satisfying!


  1. I wonder where those kids got their "smart ass"? Couldn't be you, because it looks like you kept all of YOURS! Funny stuff! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hey now, this is years of practice in action here!!

  2. LOVE the sign!!! I could think of a good place to hang one of those---not my house, but the place I spend more time at than my own home!

  3. LOL! Sadly there are times when I'd like to hang this sign around my husband's neck, and have him stand on a busy street corner.

  4. I decided my front porch was the best place for the sign. Most people know I'm not one of those perfecto-mommies so the sign should come as no surprise!