Thursday, May 5, 2011

No Thanks, I Don't Do Spandex

Growing up, my all-time favorite superhero was none other than...Wonder Woman.  She had it all:  the jet plane, the gold lasso, that awesome headband and could that woman ever rock a bathing suit!  Lynda Carter had it goin' on and I so wanted to be her.  Then came the Dukes of Hazzard.  Goodbye Wonder Woman, hello Daisy Duke.  Why, oh why, did my childhood supers have to wear short-shorts?  Ah, but I could dream!

These days, I'm just regular 'ol working Mom.  No spandex (yes, God IS in control), no jet, no short-shorts, no cape.  My days aren't spent fighting evil (unless you count those Legos that seemingly breed overnight and lay in wait for my unslippered feet...they make such sweet music when sucked up with a vacuum) and justice for me comes in the form of pestering my children while they're in the bathroom (are you done yet, are you done yet?)  What can I say, I'm easily amused. 

This afternoon, I was presented with one of those rare moments when I get to earn a star in my Mom Tiara and, in the eyes of my child, ascend the ladder to Superhero-dom.

Poor Woody, he didn't stand a chance against that six-year old foot that came down on top of him and unceremoniously decapitated him.  There stood Paige looking down at her beloved toy, shrieking like the gibbons at the zoo and all I could think was 'who died?'.  

Yep, he was a goner if someone didn't do something pronto.  Where's Wonder Woman when I needed her?  And then, it came to me.  I, Regular 'Ol Working Mom, could fix this.  Never fear my dear, help is here!

And just like that, I achieved superhero status!  I ask you:  Who needs a cape...

...when you've got a glue gun?

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