Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend W.I.P. Part 2

Party animal that I am, I managed to stay up Saturday night until 11:45 and got a couple more blocks done.   This is an achievement because I'm typically first to bed at quilt retreats...embarrassing since most of the ladies at the last one at Milford were practically my grandmother's age.  Those ladies rocked it all night long! 

The patterns (circa 1991) are from Granny Nanny's out of Virginia, although I don't know if they're still in business or not.

I think the fuschia/teal block's my favorite so far.

I can't believe I'm actually cutting into my batiks stash and I'm having a lot of fun (read: headaches) trying out color combinations.  I'll confess to perfectionism.  If I don't like it, I redo it.  My Orphan Quilt just acquired a new block.  I think I like the teal-background heart better; hubby's vote's for the other one.

Sunday morning before church (yes, the kids and I went and the roof didn't cave in), I got the fabrics picked out for the next block:

After church, this is what I got done:

My daughter's favorite!

My son made an awful face over this one.  Odd child.

Typically, my reply to "Did you get any quilting done this weekend?" is are you kidding!?  Lucky me, I gots LOTS done this time around!

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