Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good Grief!

As a parent, there are things you expect to say: "STOP"..."wash your hands"..."keep your hands to yourself"; and things you never thought you'd say: "DON'T pick your nose"..."Get your hand out of your pants". Never in my wildest imaginings, would I have thought I'd need to say "Mommy and Daddy aren't getting divorced".

Our littlest darling in a fit of inspirational oratory, decided to tell her gym teacher that her bad behavior was a result of.....Mommy's upcoming remarriage and the siblings she was going to be burdened with as a result. Never let it be said that parent-teacher conferences are boring in our household...whohoo! As the kids attend a small, private school this news travelled rather quickly. I guess this counts as my 15 minutes of fame!

For the record, let me just say this: We aren't divorcing. With almost 20 years invested in the whole shebang, it just isn't going to happen. I couldn't get a better deal than I've got.

Unless, of course, he'd finally concede and let me convert the garage into my quilt studio.

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  1. That's so clever, I had Mr. WHO :who lived at my house for ever!