Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For Grins and Giggles

My husband has complained for years that I move stuff around simply to frustrate his efforts to find whatever item he's so desperate to discover.  I've maintained that the male of the species simply isn't equipped to stoop down, shuffle stuff around and spy what he needs.  If it's not staring him in the face (like a hot car or obnoxiously large breasts), he's not gonna find it.  It's a man thing...like driving around for hours on end when simply stopping to ask for directions would've gotten everyone to their destination six hours ago.

Let me confess...I lie like roadkill.

I move stuff because it's fun to watch him poke and paw through thirteen different cabinets (and that's just the kitchen, y'all!), muttering unintelligibly, brow furrowed in consternation.  This must be what it's like to be a kid and repeatedly poke mother with an index finger...mom, mom, mom, mom, mom!  WHAAATTT?!  Never mind.

He'd really have a conniption if I moved furniture.  Oh, wait, I did that!  I decided my sewing corner needed a little makeover and had the nerve to do it during Clash of the Titans.  I'm such a bitch.  To be fair, it turned out to be the version with Sam Worthington (sigh) instead of Harry Hamlin so it was tough going for me, let me tell ya.  I'm working on re-do day number three, damn Sam's gorgeously tanned, muscular, sweaty hide. 

I managed to consolidate and eradicate and wound up moving a four foot table out, freeing up more work space space for more fabric.  Hubby just huffed and rolled his eyes.  I'm telling you, it's better than crack, y'all! 

Now, where to move the sofa...?


  1. Your Uncle Steve is the same way. Once you buy it, bring it home and put it somewhere, you never, ever move it under any circumstance! Imagine my surprise when he agreed (after several years of, um, suggestions on my part) to rearrange the living room last winter. I blame Grandmommie since she never moved stuff around. Like all men, he expects whatever he's looking for in the fridge or a drawer to jump up and hit him in the face. If it doesn't, he starts blindly pawing and shuffling. Must be another of those Y chromosome things.

    Enjoy the show,
    Aunt Doris

    1. It's gotta be Granmommie's fault because Dad is the same way, too. I don't get it...if they couldn't find it to begin with, what do they care if we move it?!

  2. LOL...If it makes you happy, he should be happy. He may be groaning and muttering for your amusement. Surely he has caught on to your game! I assume he is a smart man.

    Before we built our house I rearranged furniture ALL the time - just like my mom and Mammaw. One day I was in a snit and it was bad. He looks at me and says, "Why don't you rearrange some furniture. That always makes you happier." I figured out over the years that the reason we did it was because it was proof we had CLEANED.

  3. BTW, I need you to come organize my sewing rooms but you can't stack fabric up like that. It overwhelms me.

  4. OMG! I love you!! You're a riot! I envy your fabric stash, it all looks so great all folded on those shelves...!

  5. I totally agree with Julianne. Gorgeous sewing corner, almost inspires me to fix mine up : )

  6. Ooooo, Stephanie, I love your vintage hand crank sewing machine. Do you use it?