Friday, June 15, 2012


My children are absolutely committed to the notion that I just fell off the turnip truck.  In Texan, this means they think I'm utterly gullible.

Several months back, Co-Defendant #1 learned the fine household art of doing laundry after I found a stack of clean, neatly folded clothing buried under a pile of dirty underpants in his hamper.  You'd think #2 would've learned a thing or two from this experience.  She gloated over #1's unfortunate circumstances and went her merry way.

Apparently, I'm not raising rocket scientists here.

I'm sooo tired of doing laundry!

Shoving dirty clothes into your dresser drawers gets you instant membership into the Do Your Own Laundry Society.  Welcome!

I am one happy mama! 


  1. LOL...One day at a chess tournament (yes, my little nerds played chess) a mother commented she used the "look and smell" method. I agreed. Another mother asked what that was. She was aghast to find out. Our argument was, if it looks clean and smells clean why wash it again.

    She believed if it came out of the drawer/closet it HAD to be washed again. Her children reflect this tendency to do too much for them.

    Your rocket scientists will be just fine.

  2. Have you experienced the joy of washing a new tube of lip gloss left in your daughter's pocket, thus leaving lovely pink grease spots all over your husband's favorite t-shirts and work shirts? Oh yea, that was me last week. Grrr. It's time for her to do her own laundry.

  3. Oh, there are times I want to do that with my husband too! Usually he's pretty good, but when he throws the clean laundry somewhere without a thought I can get so mad so fast. I hate folding laundry.