Saturday, June 23, 2012


My 'baby' turned eight today.  Yesterday she was a chubby legged toddler whom I was coaxing to say 'Mama'; today she's a smack talking eight year old who couldn't keep quiet if her life depended on it.  And some days, trust me, it does.

Lord, give me strength for the next 365 days!  And for however long thereafter You deem fit.

My Dad, who's big into woodworking and can build practically anything, had set aside some tools in his workshop just for her.  Today, he decided she needed her own.  So, off they went to Home Depot which she told him is her favorite store of all time (huh?) to purchase her very own set.


Do you think she's excited?

That bag is filled with tools.  Not miniature-sized ones, mind you, but full-sized, sweaty, low-ridin' pants wearin', hunka man tools.  Hammer, tape measure, screwdrivers, pliers, a SAW (no, I am not kidding), level and heaven knows what else.  Apparently, my Dad is trying to prepare her in case she marries a fellow that is not so handy.  Not that I'd be married to anyone like that...ahem.

She got some really awesome Lego sets and plowed through two sets before the birthday cake sugar slump and frustration kicked in.  So, in steps Big Bro to get her back on the Lego track.

'Please tell me you didn't take my picture...'
Happy Birthday, Peabody!


  1. Well, she is as cute as a button! Please tell her Happy Birthday for me!

  2. Happy birthday Paige!!! How on earth can she be 8 years old? Good for her for wanting tools instead of "fru-fru" stuff. She'll be out helping Clint rebuild engines before you know it.

    Aunt Doris

  3. Happy Birthday, Paige!! I hope it was a great one. It was my SIL's, too.

    Don't you have your own tools, Stephanie? Every woman should and should know how to use them.

    I miss getting new Legos. I may go buy some just for fun. My youngest (21) is supposed to be building me a Lego sewing machine for my sewing room.

  4. Good for her! (I bought several young women a scale when they started college [remembering how so many of gained way too much weight our freshman year] and a toolbox of tools when they graduated. I've saved so much money knowing how to fix a few things!--of course, I probably spent it on quilting fabric!)