Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I wish I'd had my new (bifocal) glasses for quilt retreat so I'd be a little more used to them.  Who knew it took that long to craft new lenses?  At first, I couldn't tell much difference but I've discovered going up and down stairs is a bit of a crapshoot right now.  People were probably wondering what I was on...hey, I'm high on life, okay!!  And turning my head from side to side is a HUGE no-no...I'm really gonna have to learn to slow down.  Who knew you could get nauseous just standing still?  The tech at the optometrist's optimistically said everything would even out in about a week.  I think she lied, but she told me they looked nice on me so...

What do you think?  Meh...I'm not sure.  #2 told me she missed my old glasses already and #1 has yet to notice.  We'll see how long it takes DH to notice them.  I've often said the only way to get his attention is to lay naked across the hood of his '68 Roadrunner but he'd only notice to tell me not to scratch the paint.

Maybe they'll grow on me.

Then again, so does fungus.


  1. I like them. Are they progressives (no line)? I like them better than my own. If I had combed my hair since 0400 and didn't look like I had gone three rounds with a prize fighter I would post a picture of them. But it is hard to compare with someone that looks 20years younger!

    I honestly never had a bit of problem adjusting to mine. It should get easier quickly.

    Isn't it amazing how enthusiastic they are even about out BAD choices. I want to say, "Hey! I am blind. I am counting on you for honesty not placating." I had one pair that I got and realized they were identical to the pair I had from 2nd to 5th grade! Those things should have stayed gone with the 70s!

    '68 Roadrunner? Seriously? Outstanding! My husband says I chased him for his car - a '66 Mustang. Boy did have some nice wheels!

  2. You look Mahvelous! Really, they look very nice.
    I just noticed that you now have 41 followers! Good for you! I'm still in the 20's. But I haven't been very bloggy lately, you know.

  3. I hate to tell you, I never had trouble adjusting to my progressives. If you have not adjusted to them, go back the lenses may not be lined up right. Good luck.

  4. You look beautiful in those glasses. May they always help you.

  5. Thanks to everyone for the nice comments and good luck wishes. I'm having a little 'Let's see how long it takes him to notice' thing going on where my husband is concerned. I've told the kids not to say a word. Let's see how long it takes him, shall we?

    1. He finally noticed Friday night. He didn't believe me when I said I'd had them since Monday.