Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Stuff That Doesn't Fit Anywhere Else

This is the post that's all about the stuff that made me go 'well, that's frightfully interesting' or 'holy crap am I ever a clever gal'.  It'll probably make you go 'big whooo' and twirl your finger or suggest I take my medication, but it is what it is.

Called a 'Moonflower', this plant is right outside the retreat center and it smells wonderful.  At night, the bush is full of blooms that close up by about mid-morning.  The unfortunate name conjures up images of drunken, obnoxious males dropping their pants with subsequent video showing up on YouTube.  I know...I should get out more.  Bite me.

I made a name tag for my Featherweight from fabric flowers my Mom discarded and a couple of buttons.  It says 'I'm not ANTIQUE, I'm RETRO-CHIC'.  I think it spiffs Lennie up a bit, don't you?

A box of clementines all the way from a tiny town in Texas.  I have no idea what Orla, Shvils, Trumot or Maasrot mean...I'll have to go Google it.  Good fruit though.

And a view out the back of the retreat center.  I'd live there if they'd let me, but DH would probably divorce me or at the very least send the children out there so I guess I'll just stick to my once a year visit.

It's back to work tomorrow and the house is a wreck so I'm off to clean. 

Who'm I kidding?  I'm off to peruse my weekend purchases and watch mindless crap on TV.  OH, happy day!



  1. Alright, smart alec, I immediately thought of a summer full moon. I, apparently, have read too many romance novels (gotta get it somewhere!).

    Me and Emma are not Retro-Chic. We are definitely antiques. Refinishing us would ruin our value....but my DIL has offered to help me with a good deal on a face lift if I want one. She says she can "fix me up". Scary...

  2. Don't be concerned about all those unintelligible words on the box of clementines. They are there to tell Jewish shoppers that the fruit has been tithed properly (we don't eat fruit from Israel without taking off a tenth of it), it wasn't grown during the Sabbatical Year (every seventh year we let the ground in Israel rest and don't plant or use the produce from that year), and it wasn't picked from a tree that was under 4 years old (we let fruit trees develop nicely for 4 years before starting to use their fruits. Your box of clementines is officially kosher!
    So now you know. :)