Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Well, Paige and I both survived the dentist ordeal today.  As we pulled into the parking lot she said I don't think I can do this.  As an official Bad Mommy I replied Oh, yes you can and added my meanest Mom Face for good measure.  She passed with flying colors, the Tooth Fairy will have a fabulous silver covered tooth to pick up tonight and Mommy didn't have to take a Xanax.  It's a win for all of us!

I have to give a huge THANK YOU to her dentist, Dr. Trotter.  You see, when I went to pay the bill, the office lady informed me that it was the Dr's birthday and as such she was giving back to her providing dental care for the day free of charge!!  I stood there stunned and started bawling.  When I finally got myself together, the entire front office was bawling right along with me.  I managed to collect my offspring and hustle us home where we promptly fell asleep.

I didn't get much else done what with running between fetching blankets and pillows and trying to fill the bottomless pit that is my daughter's stomach (nothing to eat or drink since midnight Wednesday night...I guess she was making up for lost time!)  I did manage to press the rest of the curved blocks I pieced and cleaned up the sewing area a bit.  And I can now narrate the entire movie Cinderella from start to finish.  You know, I never liked that chick. 

Thanks to those ladies who left encouraging words for us today...we really needed them!

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  1. Glad all went well at the dentist's!! and WOW! What a great surprise to give free care on her birthday-- that is so generous. Now that I'm "older' with kids, I find that I get very sentimental and bawl over the little things, too. (I guess its better than being numb, even if I feel like a fool). I have to say that I like Cinderella-- she's good to the animals. Happy Friday!