Saturday, October 22, 2011

Gee Double Oh Dee, Good

Let me start by saying, I am not a baker.  In fact, I'm not much of a cook, although my kids say I make the best macaroni and cheese EVER (thank you, Kraft Foods for your neon orange simulated cheese powder).  I do, however, love to watch cooking and travel shows and at least act like I know what the heck those people are doing.

Yesterday, I caught some show on Travel Channel that was everything bacon.  Now, some folks don't like pigs.  Sure, they may be slovenly little suckers, but they taste divine.  PIG.  IS.  GOOD.  One restaurant, Slater's 50/50 in Anaheim, California, featured all sorts of bacony goodness: burgers, cocktails still my heart...a bacon brownie.  Spare me the retching and gagging routine, please.  To channel my Mom: Have you tried them yet?  Well, then, how can you know whether you like 'em or not? 

They looked phenomenal and I thought 'Self, even YOU can make those'.  So, I did.

Crumble up the cooked piggy into the batter and bake.

At this point, my camera literally died (not even new batteries could help) so I don't have a picture of the pan.  But let me just say...I love chocolate.  I love bacon.  And damn if these brownies don't ROCK!!


  1. Hmmmmm... May I say, what a bizarre combination?? But if you say it rocks, I'll trust your word. And maybe someday I'll try the recipe. Very interesting!

  2. Even my kids liked them, Elisa. I tried to dissuade them, but apparently they're brownie connossieurs. I think next time, I'll try a fudgy brownie mix instead of milk chocolate and it definitely needs MORE bacon...I used about 1/2 cup. It sounds odd, but you get the sweet of the brownie and then, hello, a little salty goodness from the bacon. At Christmas, I'm trying chocolate dipped bacon...brace yourself!

  3. LOL...I bet at least my younger two would LOVE that. My SIL once described a friend of hers eating habits as "everything is fried in bacon or dipped in chocolate and sometimes both!" Bet she would love that, too.

    Now, I haven't had this but my nephew says they are to die for. A local donut shop (Seymour, IN) sells donuts with maple icing and chunks of fried up bacon on them. I don't want to leave the impression they use salad bacon bits. They fry up the bacon and cover the donut with crumbled bacon.

    Give that a shot, girlfriend!