Sunday, November 13, 2011


I've gotten alot of quilty stuff done this weekend...NOT!

Friday evening, Co Def #1 had a friend over for a few hours (I hate and despise the term 'playdate'), then it was out to dinner for us.  I managed to sneak in a little quiet time at the bookstore Friday evening, knowing what was in store for me come Saturday afternoon.

The Boys went to a Houston car-show Saturday morning, leaving myself and Co Def #2 all by our lonesomes...somehow we managed just fine in spite of not being pestered by the Testosterone Twins all day.  I picked up a pair of flannel pajamas for know, it gets SO cold here in Texas during the artic winter months (cue the eyeball roll)

I thought the sewing motif was pretty cute...the dolls themselves, yes, Lalaloopsy dolls, are tacky as all get-out.  But that's just me.  I guess I should be happy they're not American Girl dolls, huh?

Co Def #2's friend came over Saturday afternoon and it was non-stop inside/outside/movie time/where's the popcorn/coloring/crafting/dressing the dog up...bless her patient heart and generally driving me up the freakin' wall time until about four o'clock.  Give me a houseful of boys any day!  At least they can entertain themselves.  Not girls, though.  Nuh-uh, one must have all manner of things to do so as to avoid catfights and assorted sulking.

So, this is what I managed to eek out in the sewing department...

The Popsicle top is completed and I finally got all that paper peeled off the back.  You know, that's the ONLY bad thing about paper-piecing.  Sure, all your points match and everything goes together wonderfully well, but you still have to pull off all that stinkin' paper!  Anyway, this one's ready for quilting.  I also got half of the plethora of HST sewn into's amazing how fast they go together when you put the pedal to the metal.  I missed my calling...I should've been a racecar driver.

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